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We offer a full range of preventative
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Taking Care of Your Smile: Our Primary Dental Services

With a modern approach to dental health and well-being, we offer our patients comprehensive care using the latest technology to ensure ease, comfort and exceptional patient care. These primary dental services will help you to always have a great smile!


Regular Exams & CleaningsRegular Exams & Cleanings

Routine checkups are a necessary element in maintaining oral health. A regular exam will take about one hour, consisting of a clean, polish, and rinse to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up, along with a checkup from your dentist to ensure that your mouth is completely healthy.

Regular exams are offered by appointment only so please contact Accent Dental to schedule your next visit.



Fluoride is used to prevent cavities and tooth decay by counteracting demineralization of the tooth. It's also effective in preventing plaque build up. Fluoride treatments take just a few minutes during your regular oral examination, and depending on your Accent dentist's recommendation may be required every 3, 6, or 12 months. After the treatment, Accent Dental patients will typically be asked to not rinse, eat, or drink for 30 minutes so that the teeth can absorb the fluoride without interruption.


Fillings - Accent DentalFillings

Fillings are the traditional method of repairing tooth decay and cavities. Conventional fillings may be composed of gold, porcelain, and composite. However, more recent filling technology is being used, typically on the front teeth, in order to provide a more natural look. These fillings are often referred to as composite resins, and are composed of ceramic and plastic compounds. Direct fillings are conducted in a single visit, while indirect fillings, such as inlays and onlays, generally require two or more visits to Accent Dental to complete.


Teeth Bonding - Accent DentalBonding

Tooth bonding is a conventional way of repairing teeth that are slightly chipped, crooked, or discolored. The process involves placing a white filling on the affected area that is matched to your tooth's natural color and then "bonding" it with your tooth to create a consistent appearance. Tooth bonding can also be used to replace the traditional amalgam fillings. Clients tend to prefer bond fillings because the white color is much more subdued than the silver of amalgam.

Bonding is less expensive and usually less time consuming than other treatments. However, there is the possibility that the bonding can stain or break. If this happens, an easy patch or repair can usually be conducted in one short visit to our practice. 


Before and After Getting Crowns at Accent DentalCrowns

Crowns or onlays (partial crowns) are needed when the tooth is not strong enough to sustain a filling. Unlike fillings, which involve the formation of restorative material directly in your mouth, the crown is constructed in the lab based on your unique tooth impression, and then applied. The crown is cemented to the existing tooth's area that is above the gum line, becoming the tooth's new outer surface.

Crowns can be made out of porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two – however, porcelain is often the preferred alternative because it most closely matches the appearance and strength of a naturally healthy tooth.


Root Canals

Root canals are used to remove diseased nervous tissue. The problem is typically caused by an infection resulting from bacteria entering the soft tissue of the mouth through a deep cavity or crack in the tooth. An abscess may then form, leading to pain and swelling. Root canals take 1 to 3 visits to complete. The affected tissue is removed, and the interior of the tooth is cleaned, sealed, and filled with a dental composite. Depending on the level of damage and decay, a crown may be recommended to strengthen the tooth and prevent breakage.



Decay, infection, orthodontic correction, or abnormal growth are all examples in which removal of the tooth may be required. The root of the tooth is attached by a ligament to a "tooth socket" within your jawbone, and in order to extract the tooth the socket must be expanded and the ligament separated. The extraction of a tooth is generally a very quick process and can be conducted in one sitting. However, at Accent Dental, your comfort is our concern, so be sure to discuss any issues or preferences for sedation with your Accent dentist.


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are molars located in the very back of the mouth, under the gums. They usually appear in the late teens or early twenties, but may not be able to emerge due to lack of room. When the teeth can't emerge, they become "impacted". When a wisdom tooth is impacted, gum tenderness, swelling, or infection may occur, and therefore the wisdom teeth are typically removed.

The removal process begins with numbing the area around the tooth using a local anesthetic. Any hard or soft tissue (such as gum or bone) covering the tooth is then removed, followed by the wisdom teeth themselves. The wisdom tooth is often "sectioned" so that minimal tissue needs to be removed in order for extraction. Healing times vary depending on the difficulty of the extraction and care of the area.


Before and after Bridges at Accent DentalBridges

A bridge is used as a replacement for missing teeth. It is essentially an artificial tooth, composed of gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of the three.

The bridge is bonded to the surrounding teeth, gums, and bone for support, and therefore its success is highly dependent on the foundation upon which it is built. For this reason, it is very important to maintain the health of your existing teeth, gums, and jaw.


Dentures mould at Accent DentalDentures

Dentures are essentially removable teeth that are used to replace any natural teeth that are no longer present in the mouth. Full dentures are used when the complete set of natural teeth have been removed, while partial sets are used to fill in the spaces where natural teeth are missing. The partial dentures are attached to a metal frame that is built to fit in with the rest of your permanent teeth. Take complete care of your denture set by brushing them with a gentle cleanser and keeping them moist when not in use.


Custom mouth guards in Prince George at Accent DentalMouthguards

Mouthguards are used to protect gums and teeth from injury during sports. There are three types of mouthguards: the pre-made, the "boil-and-bite" to fit, and the custom made. Regardless of what type you choose, the mouthguard needs to be easy to clean, comfortable, and well fitted.

Book an appointment with Accent Dental today to discuss which variety is right for you.


The importance of dental visits for kids - Paediatric DentistryPaediatric Dentistry

It's recommended that children visit the dentist by their first birthday, so that new teeth, which usually appear between 6 and 12 months of age, are properly cared for right from the beginning.

At Accent Dental, we focus on creating a pleasant, understandable and fun atmosphere to help put your child at ease for a positive first dental experience.


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